Grace Centers

A Grace Center is a place of resource where people of all ages can come to receive help in many different areas of their lives. When a Grace Center comes to your country or community lives must be changed and souls must be saved by the Word of God. A Grace Center comes to bring hope and light to a dying nation, family or individual.
At a Grace Center, we will: Educate - give much needed educational scholarships through our scholarship foundation to those who aspire to go on to college but cannot afford it. Work in close liaison with high schools to help thriving students who are unable to succeed without community assistance. Provide school supplies. Provide after school care programs to those in need and facilitate adult literacy program. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Empower & Mentor - men and women to maximize their potential as powerful citizens impacting their society in a positive way through leadership programs, peer-2-peer mentorship, counseling and other skill-based workshops.

Job Training - provide vocational and technical training for youth and adults that will increase their employment opportunities.

Evangelize - set free from darkness into light that one soul for the Kingdom. Provide chapel services such as communion and baptism.

Medical Assistance - through partnership with medical staff, we seek to help desolate residents using mobile and dental clinics for communities without such facilities. Partner with pharmacies to provide needed vaccinations and other medications for children and families, pregnant mothers and the elderly.
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