Who We Are

H2H is a global outreach organization whose goal is to advance the cause of Christ throughout the earth reaching the unreached in a practical way. It is not a church nor does it intend to be! We consider ourselves God’s extending hand of mercy and grace reaching out to families in need, especially our youth who are held by life controlling circumstances be it abuse, poverty, the impact and imposition of ungod-ly systems, countries, customs and more. We come with help and a feeling of com-passion through the establishment of our Grace Centers geared to empower, fortify, educate, mentor, and motivate those who come under our influence and privilege. Our organization, our approach, our methods and strategy might be radical but you can be assured that we will function and maintain a high sense of integrity and focus from a biblical perspective.

About The Founder

Through eons of time, God has always raised up leaders and infuse them with a vision and passion according to His heart; one who will be His hand extended. Elected for a peculiar role with an assignment from God to take the Gospel to the entire world, Rev. Hilary D. Hurbs is the founder of H2H, Life In His Form Inc. She is an anointed vessel and change agent who comes from a successful profession in the world of academia and business to impact the lives of God’s people. Rev. Hurbs comes with great multiplicity of talents, focus and intent to reach the unreached in a practical way by the establishment of GRACE CENTERS. We truly thank God for the gift in our visionary. This is the time to reach, teach and disciple in a tangible and practical way, seeking to make a difference in people’s lives. Let’s help to facilitate such a person and vision.
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