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We do hope that in some way we have conveyed to you our vision and mission. We sincerely hope that you will partner with us by your gifts of love that will enable H2H to fulfill its mandate. We are accountable to God and you for our functioning and operation. We can also assure you that all your tax-deductible gifts (501C3) will be used for its intent and purpose. Feel free to partner with us in the building of these Grace Centers in various countries and communities. This is the time to reach, teach and disciple in a tangible and practical way seeking to make a difference in people’s lives. Let’s reach beyond ourselves and make a donation or pledge today. You can pledge as little as $10 per month through our various means.
Please visit our website to make a one time payment or to set up recurring donations using your debit card, credit card or PayPal account. Go to our Partner With Us page and click on DONATE to invest with us. You can also volunteer based on the different needs. Thank you for choosing to support H2H

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